1. How does Lab Graphics Studio help generate safety and hazard signs for our facility?

Lab Graphics Studio gives you the power to create, consolidate, change and update information for your safety signs from your computer.  Once the template design and content is to your liking, you can print to your local computer or send to an outside printing source.  The application is specifically created for busy EH&S and facilities professionals to be easy to use, time-saving, and cost-effective.

  1. Why is LGS better than ordering stock signs?

Unlike generic stock signs, LGS sign templates are customized for your company's facilities  - you can add your logo or other applicable graphic and design templates that consolidate and display safety/hazard information specific to your organization.  Your safety message is easy-to-read and consistent throughout your facility.  Lab door clutter is eliminated.  LGS signs are paper-based and designed to fit on a standard 8 1/2" x 11" page, making them easy and inexpensive to update.  The added LGS Bonus:  as you create and update signs, you build a database that includes facility, personnel, and hazard information!

  1. How does the database work?

As you enter facility and contact personnel information, you build a basic database that makes future sign creation easier and puts your facility's hazard and safety information at your fingertips.  The search engine lets you track down information by room, personnel, or hazard quickly and efficiently.

  1. Can we give lab supervisors access to their information to view?  To update?

Absolutely.  You can designate access passwords that let individuals view and update information for their areas only.  Spread responsibility across campus or limit it to the central EH&S office.  You decide who has access to what.

  1. Can we share this database information with emergency contacts outside of our organization?

Of course.  You can give fire and other emergency professionals access to the information directly or generate a printout of the information on a regular basis.

  1. What does the finished sign look like?

The template choices are displayed for you at the Access Level.  At the subscription level, you decide how your template(s) are designed.  Both levels let you preview your sign before saving and printing.  To view our standard templates, click here.  For more information on our custom templates, please call us at 1-877-765-7499.

  1. How hard is it to change/update information and create a new sign?

LGS signs are easy to create or modify.  Pull-down lists (created as you build your database) let you change facility or personnel information quickly.  It's easy to add and delete information, if necessary, using the on-screen prompts.  For hazard and PPE changes, click on the choices displayed.  After you've made your selections, preview your sign, save, and print.

  1. How many custom templates can we have at our disposal?

While the system is designed to accommodate any number of templates, it's in your best interest to limit the number of templates you use in order to standardize communication in your facility.  Graphics Lab will work with you to create a primary template that covers the most common conditions in your facility.  Secondary variations on your template can be used to fill any special needs that might arise.

  1. How secure is our data on your system?

Your company's proprietary data is safe on our server, constructed with security in mind.  Graphics Lab Inc.'s DATA PRIVACY POLICY explains our commitment to safeguarding your information.  Your information is automatically protected by a 128 bit encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL), the industry standard for Internet retailers such as Amazon.com.

  1. How stable is LGS software?

LGS is designed and built using the innovative SkillFusion system created by our development partner, Integra-Soft.  The SkillFusion architecture has been thoroughly tested and used for a wide range of high availability applications.  For more information, click here.

  1. What kind of technical support is available?

Call Graphics Lab's toll free number 1-877-765-7499 with questions relating to application functions or questions about your account.  There is no charge.

  1. What kind of design support is available?

For clients at Subscription Level or above, Graphics Lab works with you to create templates that meet your safety and corporate design needs.  We can also build functions beyond basic contact and hazard information into your templates.  If you have a sign problem you need to solve, just ask!  If additional graphic design services are needed, call us for a fee schedule.  We're here to help!

  1. What does all of this cost?

If one of our standard templates works for your facility, you can create, download, and print a single new sign at the Access Level for $12 US.  Your account is charged each time you download a sign.  At the Subscription Level you pay in advance according to the number of signs you anticipate needing during the course of a year.  There is a $1500 design and programming fee that covers template design costs.  Click on Pricing to view the Subscription Level rate schedule. 

  1. What's the difference between the Access Level and the Subscription Level?

Access Level signs are $12 each.  Choose a template from the standard template choices and input your information in the fields provided.  You can set up an account with us and we will bill you per sign.

Subscription Level lets you determine the number of signs you anticipate needing over the course of a year and pay a fixed fee up front.  The per-sign cost is less than at the Access Level and is based on volume.  For example, if you opt for a 100-sign subscription, your fee is $950 - or $9.50 per sign.  You also have the option of having custom templates designed and programmed for your company for a $1500 fee.

  1. Am I charged for every sign created/changed or every sign printed?

You are charged for every sign created or modified.  Once the sign is created and saved, you are billed for the Access Level or the charge is reflected on your subscription counter at the Subscription Level.  Once the sign is created and saved, you can download and print the sign as many times as you want at no extra charge.

  1. How do I know if my subscription is running out?

Each time you download a sign, the number of signs remaining in your subscription is displayed.

  1. How can I change my subscription level?

You can expand your subscription level by following in the on-screen prompts under Customer Account.  Increased fees or credits will be applied.

  1. What if there are signs left on my subscription at the end of the year?

Remaining signs due to your account will be rolled over to the following term.

  1. How do I get started?

If you would like a demo of our system, please contact Mary Brennan at 1-877-765-7499. For $99, we can do a pilot project for one of your labs. This includes one of Graphics Lab's sign display units, design consultation, and a finished sign to test in an actual lab. To get started with a pilot project, download this PDF form, fill it out, and contact Graphics Lab at 1-877-765-7499. If you're ready to request your account, click here, fill out the online form, then call us at the number listed above.